Sunday, January 5, 2014

Titanium Skull Pendant / Self Defense tool Review (kinda)

A big slab of Titanium cut into every mall ninja's idea of cool (and mine)

DISCLAIMER: OK, I'll admit, I bought this thing for two reasons, one it's Titanium and I like Titanium. The second reason was,'s just cool. :) I own several frame lock knives made from Titanium, a necklace made from titanium, a watch made from titanium and even a wedding ring made from titanium. Titanium is non-allergenic, does not rust and is extremely light for it's size; whats not to like?

Whatever you choose to call this thing; a pendant or self defense tool, it is what it is. It is obviously designed to be worn like a single"brass knuckle", like a ring. So depending on your self defense philosophy, it would work for this purpose with caution.

One thing to consider if you choose to utilize this thing for self defense. If you use it on another human being, you had better have cause to use deadly force because barring that, you may very well be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. In fact, in many states, "knuckles" or "brass knuckles" are outlawed because they can kill if used on someone. This being the case, if I were justified in using deadly force on someone, there are MANY other choices I'd choose before this. The only thing I could see using a Ti skull like this for is maybe a pendant while running/jogging, mainly because it's light and doesn't rust. Other than that, it will just fall under the "cool" items I own. 


When I received the Ti Skull, I was surprised how thick the titanium is; it's a big think slab of Ti goodness. The size of "the ring" was a bit small for me but I'm 6'1" 225 pounds. I can place on my left middle finger but it's too small for my right. I did discover that it fits on my pinky finger that would work well for a hammer fist strike. Despite it's size, because it's Ti, it's VERY light.
As you can see, it's a think slap of Titanium
As it is intended to be used (unfortunately it doesn't fit my right hand middle finger)

Well, there's not much to say here except I was pleasantly surprised to see all sharp edges where worn (probably tumbled) smooth. It is very comfortable in the hand.


This is a cool item, an item that goes good in my collection. Everyone who has seen it wants to know where I bought it. This being said, I cannot ever see myself using this in a self defense situation.
1.) If deadly force is justified, there are much better tools
2.) I would hate to ever end up in court arguing that I used it in self defense and having an attorney hold up a evil looking skull and say, "Does this look like a tool of self defense or a tool for offense?"
3.) It makes a much better conversation piece and MAYBE a para-cord running companion to thump an angry dog on the head.


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